Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

About Me

My family didn't have much growing up. My first car was a beat-up Corolla that my grandad gave me. It hadn't run in months. I learned to fix it up, and that's what originally got me interested in the trade. I joined the automotive program at my high school and took as many classes as I could there. By the time I graduated I had taken every test and quiz they had to offer, and I set out to get a job. I hopped from shop to shop, working in different positions, and then decided I wanted to own my own shop. So, I got a job working weekend night shift at a warehouse and spend my days during the week out in my driveway fixing cars, or out on the road going to people's houses working out of my truck, trying to save enough money to start my business. Then one day, the time came. 

Auto Repair and Maintenance by appointment only

Phone: (904) 735-8125